Our services

  • Creation of 2D drawings for your products, according to ASME-Y14.5 or ISO-GPS standards.
  • Application of geometric tolerances directly on the 3D model, according to ASME Y14.41 “Digital Product Definition Data Practices”.
  • Inspection of parts with geometric tolerances.
  • Online support for drawing review. Send us your drawings and questions (PDF format). We analyse and annotate your drawings on line with you, while giving you the basic explanations for the suggested changes.
  • Drawing verification and markup for conformity to applicable standard, ISO or ASME.
  • Tolerance stack-up analysis and optimal tolerance distribution.
  • Process capability analysis (Cp – Cpk and other indicators).
  • Preparation of control plans for production parts.
  • Design of inspection or holding fixtures according to GD&T from definition drawing.
  • Automatization of inspection using cameras, LVDT’s, Laser Distance Sensors, and other techniques.
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control) consulting and/or deployment.

Please contact us if you need any help regarding those services.