Module 6

TRAINING DURATION: 1 days (8 h).
PREREQUISITE: A good knowledge of GD&T as per ASME Y14.5.

In Module 6, we cover the application of GD&T (Geometric and Dimensional Tolerances) to Castings, Forgings and Molded Parts.

The following standards are covered:

  • ISO 8082, (Dimensional and Geometrical Tolerances for Moulded parts – Part 2,3 et 4)
  • ASME Y14.8-2009  (Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation Practices for Castings, Forgings and Molded Parts).

Participants will learn how to make engineering drawings for castings with proper management of the “As Cast” origin system in relation to the “Machined Part” origin system. The training covers the classes of tolerance for dimensions, wall thickness, geometric tolerance, dimensional tolerance, and others.

Covered with special emphasis is the use of the 3D model with a general profile tolerance for size and form management.

  • Review of terminology.
  • Dimensional casting tolerance grades (DCTG).
  • Geometric casting tolerance grades (GCTG)
  • Required machining allowance grades.
  • The concept of general tolerancing on castings, forgings and molded parts.
  • Rules for General Datum System (RST).
  • Relationship between “As Cast” Condition -vs- “Machined” condition, and the machining allowance.
  • Indication of Draft Angles, Corner Radii, Fillet Radii, Flash extension, Orientation of forging plane, Mismatch, Parting line, Sharp Corners, Grain Direction and other special requirements.